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I decided to start a "Movers & Shakers" list as I thought it would be nice to pay it forward...

I was first introduced to Underground Sexy Beats one New Years Eve not so long ago at "The Flinders Hotel", the place was dead but the beats were anything but that... It was a bit of a culture shock at first, beats that were so unfamiliar, and I was so green on the scene... new nothing about clubs & pubs let alone underground music! I moseyed my way over to the DJ who was spinning her tunes, and I asked her to play a request... yes I said it "REQUEST!" Some old track called "Flaunt it" by "TV Rock" Lmao!!! That was the closest thing to dance music I had ever heard and although the music was mind blowing I was so caught up in chasing skirt and so desperate to remind my Retro Funky Femme of that moment in time when we met, that I made that request! The DJ replied through a crooked smile... "that old thing?" and I said "yeh it means alot to my girl and I, would you mind?", and the DJ cringed as she played the track, I thanked her later and introduced myself to her and the other DJ playing and even exchanged phone numbers as I wanted to network with them.

A few drinks later and I was far more relaxed and becoming less aware of any personal issues I may have been experiencing and suddenly found myself possessed by another force, something much bigger than I... I was possessed by the BASS... I let myself be taken to another time, another dimension and music would never sound quite the same again! My journey had begun to the dark side... and my guides were in the human form/ A few years have passed since that night where I first asked "DJ Feisty" to play a request (oh dear), when I first introduced myself to the late "DJ Mandy Rollins", when I first danced to their beats, and on that dance floor I believed for the very first time... that GOD is a DJ!

Thank you beautiful gals you changed my life forever xo

For the Hottest Movers & Shakers, from Underground Dirty Tribal, Progressive, Minimal, Tech, Tech House and more, if it is sexy & dirty then you will find it here! I hope it moves you like it moves me, will slowly being adding my favourite DJ's and producers from all over the world... enjoy. Mwah Lesbian Love Junkie xo


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