Lesbian Love Junkie Album CoverLesbian Love Junkie Album... The original full vocal version lends itself more to indie/funk than it does to the dancefloor but the house remixes are sure to shake the rafters!

Regular remixstress Rachel Ellektra, still spinning with the wave of amazing feedback on her 'Ibiza Nights EP' offers up a fiercely relentless tribal dub (or instrumental for the vocal-less fans!) with nagging hooks and breakdowns to keep the crowd wanting more!

The Pearl Worx (aka Glenn Brooks who remixed for many a label in the late 90's) returns to the scene after a long time out with a twised electro-tinged progressive house affair.

Finally new-comers Automatic Women make their remix debut with a rolling deep mix with tech-house over-tones, one for the prog/tech fans here!

All in all, a mixture of flavours to suit a variety of tastes! Enjoy! xo