Lesbian Love Junkie

Lesbian Love Junkie (LLJ) is a Sydney based Lesbian Singer / Songwriter. LLJ takes you on her personal journey, one that many women & lesbians can relate to. A blend of her Soulful Bluesy vocals & electronic synthesized accompaniment produce a unique Alternative sound for this one woman show. Her performance includes some of her earlier pieces such as "16days & 28years", "The Abyss" and "Which part of No did you not understand?", came from a much darker place and time in her life. Her later works such as; "Lesbian Love Junkie", "RFF (Retro Funky Femme)" , "Discombobulated" and "Angel You" have an upbeat, cheeky and sexy feel definitely pieces that Lesbians can relate to, music written about falling in love & lust with another woman, giving her performance a great mix of raw emotions & energy.